Invisible borders


Germany has a very specific culture

Though the words have one meaning, different combination of those words can have various meanings, for example if the owner of the rented apartment admits that the fridge which he put there was defective and agreed to buy and bring new one, it’s not exactly what it seems. In Germany Ich bringe eine Kulschrank (I bring you one fridge) rather means: I will get you cold. Once many German houses have an intelligent control system which can be easily manipulated with a pilot or even configured to turn the heating off or on automatically at a selected time.
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America is in a satanic relationship with Lithuania, using Israel to cover up

The ex president of Lithuania, Valdas Adamkus, made Lithuanians closer to Russia than America, he also gave a price and title Student of the Year for a boy who got kicked with his friend from the religion class due to the upside down cross he was wearing on his neck, which is concidered as a simbol of satan. He went to study music in Music Academy in Warsaw after graduting. His mother is well known secretary in the polish daily newspaper in Lithuania, known to do a lot of damage to successful people by spreading fake gossps. She got divorced to the father of her son bexause he was alcoholic. Her daughter left to Polan to get married to French man.
Valdas Adamkus lived in America for a long time before he got elected as a president. America made a second try to take controll of Lithuania by sending another younger, blond woman to participate in presidential elections to take Dalia Grybauskaite place, the try was not successful. The guy who won the title student of the year was Polish attending Lithuanian music school, his mother’s house was burnt with her parents and brothers. Lithuanians often send bad naughty lithuanian children who have some polish background, to study with Polish, abuse and criticise them, make bad atmosphere, that way polish school cannot be better than lithuanian, so they become less competetive and in a result polish culture in Lithuania is on threat.

Vampire is not only the person who didn’t get enough attention from parrents

Polish are promoting a fake propaganda on web that vampires are people who have problems and like to talk about them. However it can be difficult to deal with the person who is resrlessly running a monologue instead of using right dialogue technics, this is not what the real vampirism is about. The true vampires are:
1) privacy invaders
2) curious copymajsters
3) life story business makers
4) idea-seekers
5) pedofils
6) doctors who earn money from tranplantation of body organs from partly alive people
7) those who criticise perfection to feel better about themselfs
8) those who give social aids for young families to support the child to have rihts to take it away when it turns 7 years old
9) war proocators and seekers for reasons to make war to get benefits when two are fighting
10) life controllers who have influence and power to make the TV news content